Work Tip #957

If you’re working on the VP of Operation’s new laptop and you happen to ride the elevator with him, it’s probably best if you don’t say the following:

“I’ll have everything installed on your new laptop by this afternoon. (2 second pause) I can’t guarantee any of it will work, but at least it’ll be installed.”


3 comments on “Work Tip #957

  1. tawny says:

    You always give me a great laugh that always makes my day go just a bit nicer!

  2. Wicked H says:

    Note to self, never have coffee in hand while reading “Work Tips”.

    Excuse me while I clean off my keyboard…

  3. Howard says:

    Tawny: Thank you. That is very nice.

    Wicked H: If the keys get sticky, I have a remedy to clean. Spilled Coke in my laptop.

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