Welcome to my nightmare

I’m in Texas at a disaster recovery exercise. So far, the only exercise I’ve had is pulling my thumb outta my ass. We’ve had a priority one problem since yesterday morning and “the powers that be” can’t make an f*in decision on what to do. The other techs and I can fix the problem, but of course, the people who have never touched the g-d product are the ones telling us how to fix it.

The only good thing is that the other team members and I get along so well that we’re having fun in spite of the managerial f*ups around us. Wish me luck.

PS – I had a panic attack in the shower yesterday. I realized I forgot my new Aveda face wash. I had to wash with….soap. Eeeeeyeeew! 🙂

Later gators.


5 comments on “Welcome to my nightmare

  1. Wicked H says:

    Ok, tell us exactly where you are in Texas and we will Fedex some Aveda to you pronto. We got your back. Breathe in and out….

    Good luck with the disaster recovery thing. Good to know you have other techie friends to cut up with.

  2. Howard says:

    I can’t tell you exactly where I am…security, you know…but I will tell you that I got to see the Rangers play…at home…in their stadium.

  3. Wicked H says:

    Work with me here. If you will be going to see them play again, then I can possibly send your stash to the stadium.

    Under these circumstances, this is the best I can do. How is your breathing? Tell me you are remembering to breathe…

  4. al says:

    Ok, there is a simple fix for this. Drive east from ‘Arlington’ on 360. Go North on 75 to North Park Mall… You will be better…

  5. The ol’ pull the thumb outta the ass exercise gets old after awhile doesn’t it.

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