Morning Wood update

Thought I’d give y’all an update on my Morning Wood. Coach Levitra has had a hard time drafting quality talent this year because we have a record number of teams in our league. He’s stuck with it, though, and has gone balls to the wall to get good players. Here’s who we have so far.

QB – Drew Bledsoe – Buffalo
QB – Carson Palmer – Cincinnati

RB – Edgerrin James – Indianapolis
RB – Thomas Jones – Chicago
RB – DeShaun Foster – Carolina

WR – Joe Horn – New Orleans
WR – Darrell Jackson – Seattle
WR – Tai Streets – Detroit
WR – Darius Watts – Denver

TE – Open

K – Morten Andersen – Kansas City

Defense – Philadelphia

In the final three rounds, Coach Levitra has been instructed to pick a tight end, an additional receiver, and an additional defense. Just in case. Soon as they’re picked, I’ll let you know.


It’s official

Just received this from the VP of my department…”For those on staff that are involved in the preparation of hurricane Frances, please check the strength of your pager battery before leaving for the weekend.”

It’s official. I am now a member of the team that is preparing to head to Florida if necessary. We have christened ourselves “Team Preparation H” because this is going to be a pain in the ass.