Laptop Update or How I flipped of a preacher

The DBA came by first thing this morning.

“Hey Howard, you got an update on my laptop?”

Yeah, dude. Here’s your update.


DBA walks away. Mission accomplished.

The guy in my office then says, “You know you just flipped off a preacher, right?”

“I did what?”

“You shot a preacher the bird. The guy graduated from seminary before he became a DBA.”

“Great. Guess I just got an upgrade to first class on the Hell Express.”


7 comments on “Laptop Update or How I flipped of a preacher

  1. Wicked H says:

    Ruh roh! Shall we start a prayer circle for you?

  2. tawny says:

    wonder if he is more angry about being flipped off or the fact that his wife is making his life hell for no monopoly? TOO FUNNY!

  3. deb says:

    You should put up one of those “no molestar” signs in your cubicle.

    Just kidding. Really. I swear. That would really get you a one-way ticket. Though, we could hang out and drink lots of beer when you get there!

  4. Howard says:

    Cubicle? Hahaha…Not me, my friend. I have an office with double-insulated walls and a real wooden door…with a lock.

    The guy I stole it from (seniority does have its privileges) was supposed to do media work in it so he had the walls double insulated. Now, no one can hear me scream…or cry…or cuss…or whimper.

  5. tlc says:

    if you just take him out then you won’t have to worry about the laptop anymore and he won’t rat you out to his God.

    Put those double-insulated walls to some good use.

  6. Awesome, I go to church solely for the opportunity to flip off a man of God.

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