Sort of a virgin

I have this friend that we’ll call, uh, Harold. Harold’s a nice guy, people like him, he’s pretty funny, and works hard, sometimes. Problem is, Harold is not what most people would call “cool” or “hip” or “in the know”. He wants to be, but he doesn’t know how.

Case in point. Howard Harold is sort of a a virgin. No, not like that, but in another less noticable way. You see, Harold has never, um, well, you see, uh, hehe…um, Harold has never been to…a..uh…Starbucks.

Now don’t laugh at poor Harold. It’s not that he’s scared of it, it’s just that he’s never done it. Ever. He knows that lots of people do it everyday and some truly lucky people do it more than once a day, but poor Howard Harold doesn’t even know where to start.

Harold’s a good guy, but he’s really nervous about it and wants to make sure his first time is enjoyable and not too painful. Harold would hate to be laughed at the first time he does it. Why, that just might cause Harold to never do it again. I’m sure many of you out there would like to see Harold do it right the first time, so I’m asking for your help.

Would you be kind enough to share your first time with me Harold? You know, give him some pointers on what to do or not do? Some of the things that he should stay away from until he has more, um, experience under his belt. I think this would help the poor guy out tremendously.


Read the fine print

We had a huge giveaway of old PC, monitors, printers, etc that have been taken out of production. The machines are freely given to any user who wants one. The stipulation is that you are getting it “as is”. If you don’t like it when you get it home, too bad, so sad, see ya later. The other stipulation is once it leaves the building, we, the PC Support Group, do not work on them anymore. That’s DO NOT work on them anymore. DO. NOT. DON’T WORK ON THEM. DON’T.

Yep, you guessed it. First thing this morning one of the ladies from accounting brings in the laptop she grabbed. “It’s not working.” And? We have to fix it. *sigh* Idiots.