Since y’all wanted more dog pics, I thought I would comply. This is a picture of Fancy during the first week we had her. Remember that in the month before we got her, she’d had heart worm treatments, a litter of puppies, and surgery to remove her leg.

And here she is now.


Work Tip #73

If you work with several former stoners, it is best to hide the baggies you use to bring your morning bagel to work. Too many of those lying around will give the former stoners bad flashbacks and cause them to hang around your office staring forlornly at the sad, empty baggie.


Sorry for the lack of posts, Dear Reader, but it seems that 3leggeddog was at the vet for most of the day yesterday which is why you couldn’t reach us.

Today, I’ve been a bit distracted by other things so posting will have to wait till later. I need some serious stress relief, anyone have any suggestions?

Also, does any know if I need a passport to go to Canada or will a driver’s license work? I’m thinking of taking a quick vacation away from this nut house and Canada seems about as far away as I can go for the moment.