Where’s the price tag?

I learned a valuable, and somewhat expensive, lesson the other day. I realized that if you walk into a store where the price tags are discreetly hidden, you’ll walk out of that store quite a bit poorer than when you walked in.

I went to a local “gentleman’s” store to get a new blazer. None of the ones I have fit anymore…they’re actually too small in the shoulders, so I guess going to the gym every other week really works. Found an awesome black blazer which fit extremely well and although it was more than I wanted to spend, the guy knocked $50 off of it for me. Great, so I went ahead and bought a shirt, tie, and pair of slacks. Um…the shirt was $135. A single long-sleeve shirt with button-down collar was $135. When did I realize this? When he was ringing it up.

I won’t tell you what the rest of it cost ’cause I’m a bit embarassed about it. The only thing I’ll say is that I buy clothes like this very rarely since I don’t wear them that often and I think of this as a long term purchase. I’d better think of it as long term since I’ll be paying on it for a while. So, for all of you that were ignorant like me, I offer this advice; If the price tag can’t be found, or it’s printed in very small font, run like hell to your nearest JC Penney.

I will say this though…I look really good in the jacket and slacks. Isn’t that what it’s all about?