Hmmm…Part IV

So….uh….we went to lunch once, right? And, um, I gave her my Yahoo ID so she could contact me if she’s got computer problems. Well…I don’t remember telling her that she should contact me if she’s got personal issues. *sigh*

Now I get IM’s like this “My mother had surgery on her shoulder last night so I have to take care of her& the house tonight and this “I still have the headache that I went to UMC’s ER Wednesday and to CMMC’s ER on Friday night.” She’s also called me once or twice to complain/share about her job and to tell me that her 2nd ex-husband wouldn’t take her phone calls. Gee?!? I wonder why…loon.

I like my life to remain drama free for the most part, and this is infringing on my non-dramaness. So, uh, Dear Reader, how does one extricate oneself from this situation without hurting someone’s feelings?