NY Times magazine article

If you haven’t seen this already, it’s a New York Times Magazine article on blogging and bloggers. As usual, it seems to miss the point entirely. If you have a second, read it and let me know what you think.


If you don’t have a userid/password, use 3leggeddog as both.


An UberGeek

In case there is any confusion, Dear Reader, about the level of geekness here at 3leggeddog, let me set the record straight. I am an Uber-geek.

In my extended sick time this week, I became bored beyond measure. When I’m sick, I have the attention span of a gnat. TV doesn’t interest me…books are stupid…porn is the same old, same old…you get the point. Well, I realized something, Dear Reader. I realized that my remote control is a learning remote. And is programmable. And has macro capability. I experienced a post orgasm-like shudder when I thought about the possibilities. Sure, I’d done little stuff like program the volume control or the numbers, but now I could create MACROS. *shudder*

After a few hours of trial and error, I had completely reprogrammed my remote. It is now more user-friendly than ever, and I’d finally fixed some things that I did wrong the first time. With this single Marvel of Technology, I now have complete and total control over my TV, stereo receiver, DVD player, and satellite receiver with built-in Tivo. Plus, I have macros.

Macros that, with the push of a single button, will turn on the TV, stereo receiver, and satellite receiver. Another fabulous macro will, once the previous items have been turned on, turn on the DVD player, switch the stereo input to DVD, and, yes Dear Reader, it will eject the tray into which I will place the DVD of choice. When the movie is finished, yet another time-saving macro will eject the DVD tray, wait 5 seconds, then turn off the DVD and return the stereo input to TV. And finally, one last energy-conserving macro to turn everything off when it’s time to crawl into bed after a hard day’s work.

With this technologically-advanced remote and my none-too-shabby, macro-creation skills, I am truly Master of my Domain. And a geek beyond measure.

Blade Trinity

GO SEE BLADE TRINITY!!! NOW! It was AWESOME! I just got back from the theater with a buddy of mine and we were like two little kids talking about it. It is so much better than the second one. You gotta go see it if you haven’t already. Honest, ignore what the critics say about it and go see this movie.

If you like action and comedy, go see Blade Trinity. I’m probably going again this weekend. Yes, I liked it that much. And, uh, Jessica Biel. Raowr.


I feel lige habbered shid. By doze iz raw and red. By Dad sez “Tayg Bitamin C. Id helbs be all da tibe.” By resbonz do him wuz, “Danks, Dad. Dat adbice iz buch abbreciated. Dow fix be zum chicken zoop, dabbit!”

Hobefully, I’ll be bag at wurk toborrow. Dighty, Dight, Dear Weadah.

Uh oh. I got a problem.

So I did some work for my buddy the attorney this past Saturday. He is, as you may remember, the employer of ILLC.

I was working on getting their two calendars to sychronize when I found it quite by accident. I wasn’t snooping, I swear. I am very careful when I work in his office because I don’t want to find out something I’ll regret later. And this was one of those things. It seemed like such a little thing at the time, but the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. Made me really nervous, actually.

It was on her calendar for February, 2005. February 12th, 2005 to be specific. My birthday. It read:


And yes, Dear Reader, the exclamation points were there. All 5 of them. Help. Me.


So is it feed a cold and starve a fever or starve a cold and feed a fever? Geez, I feel like crap. I’ve either got a cold, a sinus infection, or, um, I’m allergic to the dogs.

I’ve been dog-sitting since last Monday since the ex-Mother-in-law has been in the hospital. The ex-wife has been spending her days and nights with her Mom, so I’ve been staying at the house with the hounds.

In the two years I’ve been away, they’ve lost all the discipline I instilled in them…or tried to, anyway. I think I know why, though. When I’ve yelled at discussed with Trey the reason I’m angry he does the following. He will sit up on his hind legs and hold his single front paw towards me as if to say, “Please, kind sir, do not be mad at me. I am but a simple dog. I try to follow the rules, but alas, it is just not in me to do so. Punish me as you see fit”. Yeah, like someone is going to discipline him after that show. He’s good at looking pitiful, let me tell you. And it works…every freakin’ time.

3leggeddog Coffee Advice

If you’re nnot used to dddrinking coffee, and when you ddo it’s decafff, then I would suggest yyyou nnot drink ttttwo of those bbig ccoffee-house ccups full of rrregular. Ifff you do, it’s llliable to makke you ooooovercaf….overcaffffinnna….ovvercaffinnn…shshit….jittery.