Gone Hunting

Hi, you’ve reached 3leggeddog. We’re currently deer hunting so no one can come to the blog right now. If you leave a brief message, someone will get back to you. Thanks and have a nice day.


5 comments on “Gone Hunting

  1. freydo says:

    shoot me a duck while you’re out there… oh wait… deer… those are those thin cow things right? duck… deer… i’ll take one… thanks a bunch 😀

  2. Wicked H says:

    Hey, did you take your pink afghan to keep yourself warm out there? Oh, wait…it was for your niece. Riiiight!

  3. The Sup says:

    Yeah, nice move…the coldest day of the year, chill-factor wise. As Wicked H says…”I hope your brought your pink afghan!!!!”

  4. deb says:

    Mmm… venison sausage.

  5. RP says:

    Happy hunting!

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