That doesn’t sound right

I called the local Mazda dealer to make an appointment for an oil change. It went something like this:

Mazda: Service Department, can I help you?

Me: Yes Ma’am, I need to bring my car in for an oil change.

Mazda: Can I get your name?

Me: Sure, it’s Howard G—-in.

Mazda: (typing) Hmm. I don’t show a G—-and.

Me: No, Ma’am, there’s no a, n, d. It’s i, n.

Mazda: Oh. Sorry. Let me try that again. (keys clicking) I still don’t find you. You said it’s “G—-an”.

Me: No, Ma’am. It’s an i, and an n. In. G—-, then an i, then an n. I as in “icycle” and n as in “nancy”.

Mazda: (keys clicking). I still don’t find you. Are you sure that’s correct? It just doesn’t sound right.

Me: Well, that’s how my Dad taught me to spell it. He wasn’t very good at spelling though, so he might’ve gotten it wrong. Do you think we could try it one letter at a time?

Mazda: Um, sure. Whatever.

I spell it one letter at a time and have her repeat it as she types.

Mazda: OH! There you are. Howard G—-in.

Me: Yes Ma’am, that’s me. Just like my Daddy taught me.