This is my old bike:

And this is my new bike:

The reason for the new bike is the cycling team I help out changed bikes because of some ugliness with a sponsor. I chose to not ride the old bike anymore and got this su-weet new one. It’s a Guru Flite with a custom paint job, Speedplay pedals, FSA Carbon bars and seat post, and Velomax Orion II wheels. It weighs a grand total of 18.1 pounds.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stare at it for a few more minutes.

PS – If you look at the team picture, I’m the chunk of lead on the far right in the white shirt.


Bernie is Guilty

Sorry, Bernie, but the Sargent Schultz defense just doesn’t cut it anymore. You gotta do better than “I know nothing” to fool people in New York City.

Help Desk du Jour

I can’t make this stuff up…

My mouse squeaks constantly (so that others complain about the noise!). I gave to X the other day to look at and see if there was a way to stop the noise.