On the road again

I got home yesterday about 4:30, did laundry, packed, and paid bills. I’ll be on my way to Florida tomorrow morning at 10:30. wahoo.

Not much to report. Little Rock was fun. I got to see Clinton’s Presidential Library and Brothel…which looks like a giant single-wide trailer on stilts. No, it really does. Many of the folks I talked to in AR asked me if I had seen it…they all refer to it as “The Trailer”. Well, at least the Republicans do.

The trip went well, except for the six-hour marathon support call with Microsoft. The problem ended up being software that the user installed so they could use a wireless network at home. Instead of eating another large hunk of cow for dinner, we had to settle for Waffle House.

Anyway, I’ll try and give y’all updates on the goings on in Florida. It’ll be interesting to say the least. Notice I didn’t say ‘fun’.

Check it out

Check out the new banner up top…Courtesy of my friend, GP. A Photoshop whiz if there ever was one. If you don’t see the tag line fade in, it’s your browser. It probably sucks.

A few things

A few things…

1. I have no problem with the cops handcuffing a little girl who just went crazy. Think of it this way…If the cops hadn’t done it and the little girl went crazy in the back of the squad car and injured herself, would that have been better? This was a no-win situation for the cops.

2. If Martha’s parole officers didn’t know what was going on then they’re idiots. The party celebrated Time’s 100 Most Influential People issue. Care to tell me how that is ‘work related’?

3. I saw a car the other day that said A-1 Christian Bonding. Their slogan is “Remember, the truth will set you free”. Personally, it ain’t the truth that will set you free, it’s the bond on your house that’ll do it. And if you jump, Vengeance is mine, sayeth The Dog.

4. Can someone please explain to me why a doctor will write orders in a chart that can be read by no living human? The ex’s mom broke her arm on Thursday (she’s fine) and the Orthopod who saw her Friday morning wrote orders that no one could decipher. Not only that, they couldn’t figure out his name. How freakin’ hard is it to write legibly? When the dictated orders came back (Sunday), she was supposed to have been putting ice on her arm, which of course, she didn’t know to do. This made me so mad that if I could’ve found the guy, he’d have had to set his own broken arm. If I can get his name, I’m going to post it here so that if anyone google’s him, they’ll know what kind of ridiculous ass clown he is.

5. And finally…I’ll be in Little Rock, AR tomorrow through Thursday, then I’m home Friday, then heading to Ft. Lauderdale to visit the maternal parent. I’ll post when I can.

6. Oh…almost forgot. I think I’m going to buy a house in the next few months. More on that later.

Pet Peeve #27

If I ask for a simple piece of information, like an IP address or a device name, how about giving it to me in your voicemail instead of making me call you back.

When I call, you’ll be away from your desk and then I’ll have to leave you a voicemail concerning the voicemail you left me about the information I need that you didn’t give me. Then you’ll call me back and leave a voicemail about the voicemail I left you about the voicemail you left me about the information I need, which you still didn’t give me in this last voicemail. When I call you back about the voicemail you left me about the voicemail I left you about the voicemail you left me concerning the information you didn’t give me in your first voicemail, your voicemail says you’re taking the rest of the week off. Bastard.


In case you’re wondering, there is a big difference between calling 1-800-GO-COMPAQ and 1-800-OK-COMPAQ for server support.

Who be you?

I got this from RP who got it from Mia who got it from Eric.

The long and short of it is that we’re curious about you, Dear Reader. Are you a friend, regular reader, casual reader, searching for pictures of 3-legged dogs, a lurker, or what? I’m sure they’re more categories, but I can’t think of them. RP says it better than I can…I’m just curious about who you be?

Leave a comment if you would be so kind.