When the weather gets bad, most people run to turn on their local news, the Weather Channel, or their weather radios. I don’t own a weather radio and since I switched to satellite, it tends to go out right about the time I need an update. Since we get some hella-wicked storms around here, I had to find an alternate means of weather forecasting.

I needed something reliable, durable, and accurate. It couldn’t run on electricity, rely on signals from a satellite, or alert me via radio waves. It had to give me ample notice of impending bad weather, it had to have the ability to wake me from a sound sleep, it had to work in any room of the house, and it had to be affordable. I am proud to announce, I have found such a device.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the only foolproof system I’ve found for predicting the weather. The Treydar&#0153 Early Warning Weather System.


The Treydar&#0153 system has a simple-to-use interface for weather prediction. If the Treydar&#0153 Atmospheric Indicator Lever (TAIL&#0153) is up, weather conditions are favorable. If TAIL&#0153 is down*, then weather conditions are worsening. If TAIL&#0153 is down and the Treydar&#0153 unit has relocated to the closet, then tornadoes are not far off.

The Treydar&#0153 Early Warning Weather System is the best weather prediction system that I have ever used. It’s intuitive TAIL&#0153 system gives you accurate up-to-the minute weather updates, it’s nightime PANT&#0153 mode will gently shake you awake, and the Treydar&#0153 is extremely portable. The tripod motion system effortlessly moves the Treydar&#0153 around your house. Why, it’s so smooth, you barely notice as it gets under your feet or between your legs.

The Treydar&#0153 Early Warning Weather System. Accurate predictions, simple to use, and oh-so affordable. Coming soon to a store near you.

*NOTE: If the “Bad Dog!” command has been invoked prior to checking the weather, it is possible that Treydar&#0153 could exhibit a false tail down bad-weather signal. This is a known bug in the software and should be fixed in Treydar&#0153 2.0.


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    Bless his heart!! Such a cute baby!!

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    An excellent invention – Bravo Howard!

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