I think I need to get a new washer and dryer. The damn things keep shrinking all my clothes. It’s weird because they only seem to shrink my shirts and the waistband on all my pants.

Could I be using the wrong detergent?


5 comments on “Whirlpoo

  1. azalea says:

    Tight across the shoulders too?? Been lifting alot of weights when you work out?? Yes, been there done that. Cut back on the calories and you know the rest of the drill.
    Line dry your clothers and stretch them after you hang them up to dry.

  2. liv says:

    You’re just bein’ silly, right?

    In case you’re not: cooler temp settings, both washer and dryer. It is a delicate balance, though, since higher temps are more effective at cleaning.


  3. promlist says:

    Well, I guess it is evident that this photo was taken of a storm sewer in the northern hemisphere. We know this from the direction of the whirly-poo…

  4. I have two words for you.
    sans-a-belt pants!

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