Take that, Fat!!

As of today at lunch, I’m down another 1 1/2 pounds. According to the scale at the gym, I’m 208, which is what I weighed in 1999. Wahoo!

This evening, I’m going to begin a high protein, low carb diet which was suggested to me by a coworker’s husband. It consists of a lot of tuna, sweet potatoes (1/2 at a time), green vegetables, egg whites for breakfast, and protein shakes twice a day. I’ve been eating a lot less anyway so eating like this shouldn’t be that bad. The only thing I’m worried about from this much protein is…uh…um…too much flatulence. Come to think of it, the people I hang around with probably won’t notice anyway.

That’s my Boy!

My sister-in-law emailed this to me the other day. I thought it was awesome and wanted to share it. They were driving home from day care when this conversation took place.

Mom: “Look, Brian, you can see a deer’s antlers in the back of that pickup truck.”
Brian: “Oh. Is it dead?”
Mom: “Umm, yes.”
Brian: “Did the driver kill it?”
Mom (suddenly wishing she hadn’t pointed it out): “Umm, yes. He was hunting and killed the deer.”

… Pause…

Brian: “Where did he hunt? There are no forests around here!”
Mom: “Maybe he went hunting in Kansas and is driving home now.”
Brian: “Oh.”

… Pause…

Brian: “Why did he kill the deer?”
Mom (now REALLY wishing she hadn’t pointed it out): “Well, honey, some
people hunt deer so they can have the meat. Do you remember the deer
sausage Uncle Howard sent us that was so yummy?”
Brian: “Yes. Did Uncle Howard kill the deer?”
Mom: “Yes. He did.”

… Pause…

Mom (glancing into the back seat expecting to see tears, but seeing a puzzled face on Brian): “What are you thinking?”
Brian: “Mom, how old do I have to be until I can go hunting with Uncle Howard?”