Happy New Year

Yes, I’m still here, but not writing or doing much. I promise more after the New Year. A Happy New Year to all of you who still drop by.

And if any of you happen to be Miami fans…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We kicked your ass on national TV. Number 9 in the country? Puh-lease. GEAUX TIGERS!

3 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. Wicked H says:

    Happy New Year Howard!

  2. Azalea says:

    Happy New Year!!
    I knew LSU was going to win!! No contest.
    How was your first Christmas??
    Hugs and the best!

  3. liv says:

    Happy New Year!

    In a world of Dallas-haters, I’m the oddball. Been a Cowboys fan since I was seven.

    I’m also different in that I’m much pleased by anyone who kicks Miami ass. They blow dead bears in ten foot o’ snow. Or something equally stupid-sounding. Almost as much as the Bills.

    I cannot legitimately explain either my love or hatred for any of these teams except that I just do either hate or love them. Oh, wait: I hate Doug Fluty. That’s a reason!

    But I don’t know why I hate him.


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