You, Madam, are a dumbass

I was at a side client’s office last Thursday or Friday, helping them with a small problem. I had to wait around for a while because the software I needed was in another attorney’s office. During that time, I heard the following conversation.

Client: Here’s the paperwork you needed for my extension.

Attorney: Good. Now are we all set for your court date?

Client: You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.

Attorney: Ok. Is there a problem I need to know about?

Client: Oh no! Sorry, it’s nothing like that. It’s…well…Um. What is the date again?

Attorney: It’s next Monday, the 20th.

Client: Awesome! Whew, that’s a relief. Thanks!

Attorney: Is that a problem?

Client: Oh no! Not at all. I just kept getting my court date confused with the date of the Motley Crue concert.