Train to NYC

Do any of you know if I can take a train from Philly to New York City? Did a quick and dirty google search, but didn’t come up with anything concrete. I may be in Philly in July and if I get some free time, I’m either hopping a train to NYC or heading to my old home town.

I’ll keep searching, but if you know of anything, let me know.


2 comments on “Train to NYC

  1. Caryn says:

    You definitely can! I had an old boss that used to travel between Philly and NYC a few times a week even. I think it’s a pretty short trip. Look at Amtrak.

  2. Of course you can. Seriously, it is easy as pie. Many trains a day. About a 2 hour trip.

    Let me know if you are actually coming, ok? 🙂

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