New roommates

There is a possibility that I will have two furry friends as permanent roommates…I am both excited and not excited about this prospect.

I am concerned about who will take care of them when I travel. Then I remember that I don’t travel.

Then I think it is really nice to come home to someone. Then I remember that they’re furry and their breath smells like ass.

Then I think that I won’t want them staring at me if I get the chance to do the “ugly monkey dance”. Then I remember it takes two to monkey.

Then I think that they bark too much. Then I remember that I’ll whup their furry little asses if they keep that crap up.

Then I think how much I enjoy wrestling with Trey or letting Fancy on the couch so I can pet her. Then I know that everything will be ok.

The ex hasn’t decided what she’ll do and I’m not going to make the decision for her. If she wants to keep them, fine…if she wants me to keep them, fine. I’m good either way.