Hold the internet

I got a project yesterday that stated the following:

Per Senior Management. Box up all equipment in former VP’s office(monitor, docking station, flat-panel monitor, and printer) and set up in former VP’s home. He already has his laptop, but will need all other equipment. Coordinate delivery & setup with former VP.

The VP in question just retired so Senior Management decided to give him his hardware as a gift. We’re giving him approximately $2,600 in equipment for free…and the kicker is this:

If he asks for access to the internet, explain to him that he will need to get a DSL connection.

In other words, we said, “Here, Dude. Take all of this hardware for free, but, uh, if you want internet access, you’re going to have to pay for that on your own.” We’d have been better off giving him access and keeping the hardware.