Jail Break

I’m driving down my street Monday after work and notice a dog in front of my house that looks suspiciously like Trey. I then notice another dog behind him and think that one looks exactly like Fancy. Before I can process this information, they spot me and go hopping ass up the street.

Shit. Slam on the breaks, throw the car in neutral, grab the emergency brake and door handle and leap out. I’m yelling for the dogs and they’re ignoring me. Maybe yelling, “GET YOUR THREE-LEGGED ASSES BACK HERE NOW!” is not the best way to coax a dog back home.

I finally run up the street after them. The cross street to my neighborhood is really busy and I was afraid they’d get out into traffic. I’m able to get them turned around and headed for the house. The run right past me, smiling of course, and head into the back yard like nothing is wrong. Seems the gate was opened somehow. No, they couldn’t have done it…it’s a son-of-a-bitch to open with two hands, let alone one paw.

First thing I did was put the lock back on the gate and hide the key from those two. They’re smarter than they look. They’re pretty tight lipped about the whole incident. No matter how many times I ask, “How in the hell did you get out?”, neither one is saying a thing. Sneaky little bastards.