Frickin’ laser beams

Friday, 7:00 AM I’ll be getting frickin’ laser beams shot into my eyeballs. Yes, I understand the risks, but it’s something I want to do.

Saw the Doctor today for my pre-surgery exam where they do the ever popular dilating of the pupils. As I type this, my glasses are on my desk and my face is about 12 inches from the screen. I can’t see dookie, people. The cool part, however, is that the drops make my eyes red so I’m walking around with a day’s worth of beard, red eyes, and huge pupils. I think I’m going to wander around the 4th floor where our Execs hang out. Dude, I’m soooo wasted!


One comment on “Frickin’ laser beams

  1. Wicked H says:

    Let us know how that stroll went.

    Good luck with the procedure!

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