Hanging out

I went to get some sushi tonight and had an interesting experience. A guy sat down next to me and when he ordered, his voice sounded really familiar, but I wasn’t sure. When he ordered something else, I knew who it was. Tim Wilson, an incredibly funny guy. Well, at first, I knew his name was Tim and I knew I knew his last name, but the damn thing wouldn’t come to me. Finally, it came to me and I introduced myself to him.

When I tried to say, “I listen to you on Z106, our local oldies station”, it came out something like, “kdfow ofojf fndopq sojgs”. Yeah, I know, real smooth. Before I could embarrass myself further, he said, “You mean John Boy and Billy?” I nodded, since I couldn’t screw that up.

Anyway, we talked for a while and the guy was really nice. I didn’t want to take up much of time, but he was a good guy to talk. Plus, I was impressed he remembered my name when he left.

Anyway…if y’all get a chance, try and catch Tim. He’s pretty funny. Feel free to mention my name.

How many quarters in a trimester?

For some reason, the topic of babies came up at lunch. Actually, it was more about women being pregnant than actual talk about babies. I have no idea how the topic started, but I did witness the following exchange.

Guy 1: It doesn’t matter what trimester they’re in, you always have to be careful.

Guy 2: Really? Huh. So, how many trimesters do they have?

Guy 1: ……

Guy 2: Oh, right, [laughs out loud]…trimesters. So it’s like quarterly, right?

On the road

I’m going to be in Charlotte, NC the week of February 26th for a training class. If you live there, lived there, or know people who live there, can you give me an idea of some places to go or places to eat? Never been to Charlotte so this’ll be a new experience.

Found a dog-sitter so I don’t have to put the 3leggers in the doggie hotel. I’ll still have to pay to have someone let them out and feed them, but this girl comes highly recommended, is really cheap, and lives less than a mile from me. Karma. 🙂

Being old

I didn’t believe them, but it’s true. When you turn 41, things quit working all of a sudden and your memory starts to…uh…it, uh…your memory starts to…um…give me a minute and I’ll remember.

Oh crap! darn!…

If your iPod says this:


Live it. Learn it. Love it. Otherwise, you’ll spend the next 45 minutes of your life panicking, Googling, trying, Googling some more, praying, trying some more, Googling one last time, trying one more thing, then sighing when you finally see that lovely Apple logo.

Plus, it’s hard to explain that you’re late for choir because your iPod crapped out. And be sure you don’t say crapped out. Apparently that’s not a good choice of words for choir.

And finally, if your iPod craps out quits working, email me for a resolution. However, I reserve the right to say, “I told you so.”