There’s some changes coming down the road so be sure to pay attention. Trust me, you’d need to be blind to miss this.

Our esteemed leader Pixy has written his own blog software called…well…I’m not sure that’s public yet, but you can check it out here.

The dogs liked it and wanted to convert, so we’re almost there. It’ll probably take me a few weeks to get it set up…Normally, it wouldn’t take that long…but…drum roll please…next Saturday I’ll be in SCOTLAND. WAHOO!

Yup…I’m heading to the land of the Scots on the 12th and I’ll be there through the 22nd. Not only that, but I’ll have 4 hours in Paris both ways. Not sure what I can see in 4 hours, but I’ll give it a try.

I’m pretty excited about it and plan on taking lots and lots of pictures, which I’ll share with you on my new flickr site. Just set that up the other day so be sure to check it. If I can, I’ll upload whilst I’m there, if not, you’ll have to wait. I’ve got a bunch of other stuff I’ll be uploading, but I’ve got to find it first. My pictures are scattered so I’ve got to get them collected, then I can post.

Anyway…some new and exciting things on the horizon.