Pet Peeve

When you leave me a voice mail, how about telling me what it’s about? You’ve either got a question or a problem, so why not tell me? You don’t even have to be specific…I’d settle for “Hey, I have a problem with restoring a file”. But no, I continue to get “Hey, call me”. How about, “Uh, no”.

I mean, how hard is it? Am I asking too much?


2 comments on “Pet Peeve

  1. Bill T says:

    Yes, You’re asking too much!

    Bill T.

    P.S> You’re long overdue for “A Christmas Story” marathon. You didn’t do it right if you’re not bug-eyed at the end (and want to shoot everything that moves with a B-B gun). And don’t forget to put the leg-lamp in the window, and give the 3-legged dog a turkey, while you eat Chinese duck.

  2. deb says:

    My problem is the opposite. “Hi, this is Penny BlahBlah from Blah Corp calling about a big news release we have today in which Blah did this to Blah …” and it goes on and on but guess what? I already knew because you had emailed me about it four minutes prior and wanted to follow up to see if I got your email.

    Hm. I’m awfully Grinchy today. Maybe it is because I have never seen a Christmas Story either.

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