Too much strain?!?

I just read this in The New York Times and I was floored by it:

Treasury announced it would inject an additional $40 billion into A.I.G., amid signs that the government’s original bailout plan was putting too much strain on the company.

Too much strain??  The government giving your company MY money is causing too much strain?  How in the f* can that be possible?  Wouldn’t NOT giving you the money cause too much strain?  Wouldn’t telling you to go get stuffed cause too much strain?  How can you possibly tell me, with a straight face, that injecting money into your company is causing you too much strain?  How about we just close the whole damn place down to relieve you of this strain?

You know, Dear Reader, the more I read about this bailout package the more it irritates me.  I hate to see people lose their jobs, I hate the ripple effects it would cause, but I’m freaking sick and tired of reading that everyone wants more and more and more.  When does it stop?  When does the government say, “I’m sorry, but you made your bed and now have to lie in it?”  Who’s going to bail you and me out from the bail out?

I can guaran-freakin-tee you that if you or I were in the same boat as some of these companies, the response we’d get would be, “Gee, I hate it for you.  Here’s a $157 a week to live on.  Buh bye”.  And the worst part, the part that galls me the most, the part that makes me want to drive to Washington and take a giant dump on the desks of every member of Congress (especially Ms. Pelosi) is that you and I, Dear Reader, the people who pay their bills on time, buy a house or apartment they can afford, the people who follow the rules, are going to end up getting screwed yet again.  But the companies that showed zero fiscal responsibility, that gave millions of dollars to morons who ran them into the ground, that did everything humanly possible to make themselves more and more and more despite the risks – these are the people we’re going to lend a hand to.  Nice.

Where is our government bailout, Dear Reader?  Where is our golden parachute, our low interest loans, our free money?  Nowhere…which is exactly where it’ll stay.


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