You might want to rethink that one…

My boss has decreed that any and all documentation be placed into a single location on our file server.  Can’t argue with that since we’ve had it stored in quite a few different locations.  I can, however, argue with the location in which he wants to put it…in a folder on our file server labled “PWID”. 

If your reaction is “PWID??  What the hell does that mean?”, then your reaction is the same as mine.  If you’re going to create folder for documentation, why not name it “Documentation” or “Group Documentation” or even something like, “If you want to know something, look in here”….but PWID?  Only a manager would think this is meaningful. 

You wanna know what it stands for?  My group and I think it stands for “People Will Ignore Documentation”.  In reality, my boss manages 4 groups and each letter represents the first letter of each group.  Makes perfect sense, right?  If so, you just might be management material.


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