Dude…It is SPAM.

I sometimes question the intelligence of people in the business world.  Well, not sometimes, but most of the time.  And, to be honest, it’s not their intelligence or business acumen, but it’s their technical knowledge that I call into question.  Or lack of technical knowledge.

In my company, we use a spam filtering system to make sure our users are shielded from most of the crap that comes in via email.  The problem is that occasionally the spam filter catches a good email, and when I say occasionally, I mean one to two pieces of “ham” (good email) to thousands of pieces of spam.  And I mean that literally.  The system is not 100% foolproof and probably never will be, but it’s a damn side better than getting 900 penis emails a day…unless you’re partial to that sort of thing.

So…today we get an email from an individual in one of our offices that basically says they think they’re missing email, but they can’t be sure because they’ve never not gotten an email they missed.  Yeah, go back and read that again…it’ll come to you…I’ll wait.  In essence, they’re complaining about the possibility of not getting email.  They have no proof that they’re not getting email, but they’re sure that something is wrong because they expect to get email blocked and it isn’t being blocked.  They’ve even insinuated that they have no confidence in the system because it’s not blocking this non-existent email.   Because of this, we have to figure out a way to open up the system to allow a handful of users to get all email, whether it’s spam or ham or penises or Nigerians or gIrLS THaT lOvE YoU lONg TiME.

I mean, honestly, how stupid is this?  These are the same people who’ll click on a link in an email and infect the entire company with a virus, then claim we should have blocked the virus better.

It’s people like this that make me wish I cut grass for a living.


One comment on “Dude…It is SPAM.

  1. kelly says:

    when you start your business will you cut my grass weekly?

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