24 pounds and counting

194 as of yesterday evening. Total weight lost is 24 pounds. I am amazed to say the least. Well, I think it’s 24 pounds…my math ain’t too good sometimes.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of people are coming up to me now and telling me they’ve noticed my weight loss. That in itself is a great motivator, but I’m motivated by other things…although I certainly don’t mind the compliments. 🙂

If anyone’s not busy this weekend, stop by tomorrow and I’ll hand you a paintbrush. It’s trim painting day. Ugh. I think the house expands when I’m not looking because I sure don’t remember having this much to paint when I moved in.


18 pounds and counting

I got on the scale at the gym today and I’m down two more pounds. 🙂 I didn’t gain weight like I thought I did durig the holidays, or I lost it quickly. I’m now an even 200 lbs. I cannot believe that I’ve lost 18 pounds. I have 5 weeks to reach my goal, which is to get to 185 lbs before I turn 40.

Yeah, I know this is all I talk about lately, but I’ve been bitten by the ‘can’t think of shit to write’ bug. One of my goals this year (yes, I do have SOME goals) is to get back to writing. I miss it. Once I’m done painting this friggin’ house, I will write more, but I will definitely put more effort into the blog. That’s another goal…become a finisher.

Anyway, Dear Reader, just thought I’d share some of the weight news. And, uh, if anyone has any connections in the clothing industry, let me know. I could use some new clothes…cheap. 🙂

203 and counting

Guess what, Dear Reader? Another 5 pounds of me has melted away. I am now 203 lbs and dropping. I am both shocked and amazed because 1) I never thought I’d get this far and b) I don’t REMEMBER the last time I weighed this much.

I just reached into the closet, grabbed three pairs of slacks I bought some time in the past and THEY FIT! I now have 3 brand new pairs of slacks to wear and can have my other three altered in the waist. WAHOO!

What an awesome feeling. And this is exactly the motivation I need to continue. I will keep you aware of my progress…and maybe even post a picture. And before you ask, no, I don’t do nudes…well, not for free, anyway.

Take that, Fat!!

As of today at lunch, I’m down another 1 1/2 pounds. According to the scale at the gym, I’m 208, which is what I weighed in 1999. Wahoo!

This evening, I’m going to begin a high protein, low carb diet which was suggested to me by a coworker’s husband. It consists of a lot of tuna, sweet potatoes (1/2 at a time), green vegetables, egg whites for breakfast, and protein shakes twice a day. I’ve been eating a lot less anyway so eating like this shouldn’t be that bad. The only thing I’m worried about from this much protein is…uh…um…too much flatulence. Come to think of it, the people I hang around with probably won’t notice anyway.