A Classic

A friend is apparently having a bad day at work and this is a line from her email. I thought it was hilarious:

If stupidity hurt, there would be a lot of people in some SERIOUS pain around here!!

Una cerveza, por favor!

My sister-in-law just IM’d me and and asked if “I would be ok with going to Mexico instead of Disney”. Sheesh, who am I to argue? She’s checking into timeshares in Cancun! Wahoo!

So, muchachos, wish me luck that my vacation this year will be south of the border.

A Deal

“How badly do you want to lose weight?” was how the conversation started. I’ve been going to a personal trainer for the last 6 weeks and have noticed a big difference in muscle mass, but nothing on the weight side. This was her way of telling me to get my ass in gear.

To be honest, Dear Reader, I had to pause before answering her. The “inside me”, the guy that looks into the mirror each morning, the guy who recognizes traits from his mother that he’d rather not have, the guy who doesn’t want to date because of how he looks, gave her a resounding “BADLY! BADLY! BADLY!”. The other guy, the guy that tells us that we’re not that bad, that working out is too hard, and who turns the steering wheel away from the gym each afternoon said, “Meh..who knows”. Well, Dear Reader, the former “Me” won this battle. He said, “Badly. What do I have to do?”

My trainer offered to meet me every Tuesday and Friday at 6am to do cardio. We would also continue to meet Mondays and Thursdays for weights. She said she’s at the gym at 6 anyway and this wouldn’t be a problem for her. So…I got up Tuesday and today at 5am, was on the elliptical trainer by 6:05 and was at work by 7:30.

Interesting thing to note, Dear Reader. I actually like going early in the morning. It’s hard to explain, but it makes me feel like I’m part of a special group of people that want to work out. I was amazed, and I mean that sincerely, at the number of people at the gym on Tuesday morning. It was jammed…and that was cool! Plus, I really felt energized on Tuesday when I got to work and I didn’t have to rush like I do during lunch.

I will admit to being a little sleepy today, but I think it’s because I’m getting a cold or sinus infection…but I still went to the gym. And going to the gym when feeling sick, Dear Reader, is amazing in and of itself. So…we shall see.

Fun across The Pond

I received a series of emails from two friends of mine in Scotland and it reminded me of how much fun I had over there.

We spent the evening at Ali’s home a few days after we arrived. The women on the trip were having a “Women’s Pudding”, which is basically a desert party. Pudding in Scotland refers to desert of any type…I think. Not to be outdone, the men had a “Guy’s Night Out” with typical man food; beer, wine, chips (crisps), mini salami, etc. It started out as “Guy’s Night Out” but eventually turned into “Make fun of Ali’s music collection”.

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t actually see Ali’s collection, but from the tidbits we were given, his tastes are, um, different than mine. And not in a good way. Sorry, Ali. However, I truly believe that if it weren’t for Ali’s musical, uh, taste, I’d have not gotten quite as close to these people.

Hearing the way Neal and Andy carried on with Ali allowed me to find out what the boundaries were. It immediately became clear to me that these guys were just like my friends in the States. You could absolutely destroy their taste in music or sports or literature or whatever and remain perfectly comfortable that they were taking the jokes as just that and nothing more. From then on, I could be “me”.

The reason for explaining this is Ali discovered a comment I’d left on Andy’s blog about his iPod and responded via email with a hilarious and well-written account of why it is what it is. Andy, of course, countered with another incredibly funny response which had me laughing out loud. Both emails reminded me of why I miss these guys and can’t wait to get back to see them.

2008 Goals

I’ve never been much of a “goal” person. I don’t set goals and couldn’t answer the “Where do you want to be in 5 years” question without some serious thought. I’ve tried to set some the last few years and have been moderately successful. One of my goals for this year is to actually have some meaningful goals. Since I know you’re all waiting patiently, here are my 2008 Goals, in no particular order.

Lose weight and maintain 185 lbs. I was close to this goal two years ago, but, uh, let’s just say I ain’t close now.

Complete the 2008 Denbury Resources MS150. Registered for $8.00 and have reserved my room.

Complete the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. Several friends do this ride and say it is tough, but fun.

Ride the metric century for the 2008 Natchez Trace Century Ride. Never ridden this even though it is in my back yard.

That’s all I’ve come up with for now. Yes, I realize all of the goals are cycling oriented, but that’s all I’ve come up with for now. You gotta start somewhere.

A self-made dumbass

Did you ever have a sphincter-tightening moment when you realize that the way you were doing something was the complete wrong way to do it? Welcome to my Monday.

The Apple and the Tree

My Dad’s been in the hospital this week and it’s taught me some things about myself and my family. Fortunately, Dad is doing well and went home today. Had some unexpected bleeding from having a polyp removed so the docs admitted him to the ICU for observation…in case you’re wondering.

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve not had to deal with stuff like this very often in my own family, so my “coping” mechanism is humor. I can’t help it, really, since humor is how I deal with most things. It’s good to know that I come by it naturally and I’m not some freak. When the nurse tried to give my Dad an IV and couldn’t find a “hard vein”, Dad said, “Ma’am, I haven’t had a hard vein in years”. When he was bored in his room in ICU, he’d hold his breath just to watch his respirations go to 0 and the monitor show a flatline. And when he finally finished passing blood, he told the nurse, “You’ve probably never been happier to hear a fart in your whole life.”

The most interesting part of this whole ordeal is when I repeat what he’s done. Half of the people I tell immediately say, “Well, that explains a lot.” The other half are too polite to say that, but I can see it in their eyes. Ah well…you know the old saying.