Dude…you gotta dump her.

First thing this guy needs to do is dump this bitch (if you tape a dog to a fridge, you are a bitch).  If she’ll do this to his dog, there’s no telling what she’d do to his boys…

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — Police say a Colorado woman wrapped her boyfriend’s dog in packing tape and stuck the animal upside down to a refrigerator because he wouldn’t get rid of it.

Abby Toll was arrested Tuesday after police say she got into a fight with her boyfriend. She was charged with felony cruelty, drug possession and other counts and is free on $12,500 bond. She has declined to comment.

Toll’s 21-year-old boyfriend, Bryan Beck, faces lesser charges including a misdemeanor cruelty count.

Police say Toll, 20, used packing tape to bind the legs, snout and tail of Beck’s dog, Rex, a Japanese breed called a Shiba Inu. She told police she stuck the dog to the refrigerator because she was angry Beck wanted to keep it.

Rex was taken to a shelter and will be put up for adoption.

After Hours

This after hours crap has got to stop. Don’t these people realize I have a personal life?!?!

Uh…well…Honestly I don’t really have one, but if I did, this working late stuff would really piss me off. Guess the dogs will just have to watch Wheel of Fortune without me.