Westward Ho

On the way to Colorado for Christmas. Should be there tonight by 7:00 local time. Looking forward to spending time with my bro, his family, and getting to see some friends.

Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And expect more posts after the first of the year. The writing bug is coming back.

British Comedy

I’ve been sitting on the couch since Friday evening, hoping my annual cold/sinus crap would go away, but it’s not quite gone…although now the fun starts because I’m horking up all the colored bits.

The only things keeping me from going insane are Netflix Instant and British comedies.  I’ve watched the the first seasons of The Office, Little Britain, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The IT Crowd, and part of one episode of Red Dwarf.  It’s all been very good and very funny…well…except for Red Dwarf.  Just not my cup of tea, if you will.

The greatest part is that it all plays nicely through the PS3 and I don’t have to mess with it.  It’s just “point, click, comedy”.

Bravo Netflix and PS3…and British comedies…


I guess you can tell from my lack of posts that I have nothing to say anymore…and the funny thing is, you’re right.  Things I used to write about now seem whiny.  I just deleted a multi-paragraph post about my douche of a boss because it was, well, whiny.  It all comes down to the fact that the guy is a turd, he’ll always be a turd, and no matter what I write, his turdness will still exist.

Had some layoffs occur last week.  First time in 60 years that my company has done that.  Those laid off did get a decent severance package from what I’ve heard, but still…layoffs.  And yours truly has fuck all in the bank for savings.  I had money, but a new roof and a retaining wall kinda sucked it all away.  The frustrating part is that “Senior Management” isn’t saying dick about it.  I don’t expect them to give me chapter and verse, but at least squash the rampant rumors.  And that’s another thing, if you work for a senior exec and you’ve “heard things”…shut the fuck up about it.  Don’t be telling people that you’ll be one of the last to go when they shut this place down because people don’t want to hear that shit.  They automatically think you know the company is closing when in reality you don’t know shit, so SHUT UP.

Let’s see, what else?  Oh…my Mom went to a Bat Mitzvah last week in New York and when I asked her about it, all she talked about was the food.  For the non-Jews out there, a Bat Mitzvah (or Bar Mitzvah for boys) is the Jewish “coming of age” ceremony and is only slightly less important than a wedding.  And if that’s not true, I blame it on the fact that I didn’t learn anything in Hebrew school because I kept getting kicked out…you don’t endear yourself to the Rabbi when you ask, “What do the Jews think about Jesus?”.  Anyway,  when Mom told me about staying at a brand new Hilton, her only comment was they charged $6.95 for the continental breakfast and $12.95 for a regular breakfast. Seriously…I had to specifically ask about the ceremony, although I didn’t really care about it.  I was just sick of talking about the food.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re old and Jewish, you talk about food.   Or your bowels, which thankfully, we didn’t get into.

The dogs are fine, in case you’re wondering, just getting older.  I see Trey’s front leg shake from time to time like it’s tired and that worries me.  He’s as sweetly irritating as ever, but I know one leg can only last so long.  Fancy is still her same shadowy self.  I call her my ‘white shadow’ because she follows me everywhere I go.  On a side note, I don’t think dogs have a concept of ‘up’. When I let them in after work, I’ll stand behind the back door so they can’t see me.  When they come rushing in looking for me they’ll go halfway in, stop, turn around, go out, come back in, stop, turn around, go back out.  I can see the “Where in the crap is he?” look on their faces, which is pretty funny. If they’d just look up, they’d see me through the glass.  Therefore, dogs must not have a concept of ‘up’.

Oh, nice…thunder…in December.  For those of you who’ve never lived in the South, thunder in December usually means tornados.  Yesterday it was in the 40’s, today it’s in the 60’s with a cold front coming in.  Warm air plus cold air equals tornado.

Guess I better sign off and go grab a flashlight.  Sleep tight, Dear Reader.